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Mobile gaming is gaining pace and popularity among all age groups. Be it a small child, youngster or adults all have one or the other option of gaming of their choice. Numerous games add to the list every day and a lot of them come up with unique entertaining features. So you have a lot many options to play games online that interests you.There exist long lists of the game in the different genre. It can be online casino games, riddles, puzzles, mobile racing games, games based on different sports like cricket, football, and many more, fighter games. You can even find games based on cooking, music, adventure. There exist not a single field that interests you but you cannot find a game on.The article below primarily provides you with the list of top 5 gaming apps that are most preferred online. The list is created based on their features, rating, experience and popularity.

List of top 5 gaming apps :-

1) CSR Racing 2 Cheats and Hacks | Top 5 gaming apps

CSR Racing 2 is the most happening sequel of CSR Racing. It keeps your interest intact because of added challenges and incredible graphics. It is certainly a benchmark for online racing games.

CSR racing 2 cheats and hacks are something that grabs your attention all the more with an option to provide the virtual gold and cash. You can get the virtual money as an award at different stages and makes the game much more fun.

Top 5 gaming apps

The coding of CSR Racing 2 cheats and hacks is done wisely not to reveal the user’s identity. It is completely safe to use and easy to download from the trusted sources. To use the hacks and cheats you need not have any knowledge about coding, all you need to do is making effective use of an online generator. The generator develops the desired cash and gold to your account. There are millions of users of this game and they are enjoying it without any interruptions.

CSR Racing 2 Cheats and Hacks

2) Game Dev Tycoon Mods Latest | Top 5 gaming apps

Game Dev Tycoon Mods is a business simulation game where you can start your own game development company in early 80’s. You have to come out with unique ideas for best selling games. Give a list of ideas based on market research and develop different games.
The latest version of game dev tycoon mod lets you build you your own market in world of gaming. You can have desired amount of virtual cash and progress with your game development company. The game dev tycoon mod gives you all over a new experience.

Game Dev Tycoon Mods Download and Install

3) Forge Of Empires Mod apk | Top 5 gaming apps

Forge of empires let’s you build your own city and become the leader of a complete kingdom. You have to shift and invent new ways, technologies and complete the journey from stone age to modern age. The game is very exciting with unique features. You have the complete powers. You can fight with different kingdoms to prove your leadership and quality of a successful king. It is a complete journey where you can make your own epic story. Forge of empires mod apk adds to the fun of the game. As by having mod apk of this game in your android phone you can have unlimited coins and diamonds. It adds to your gaming abilities and you can have lot of fun.

Forge of Empires Mod Apk

4) King Of Thieves Mod Apk | Top 5 gaming apps

It is a PVP multiplayer platform game where you have to steal gems, construct your own defence and then win guild wars.

Top 5 gaming apps
The game has over 50 million users, each one of them being your competition. You can go into the enemies clan and steal their gold.
You are supposed to steal the maximum jewels and gold from your enemies to become the wealthiest. Once you steal the gold you have to create dungeon defense to protect your loot. You can claim on different thrones, win and rise up on the leadership board. The game is more and more interesting because of exploring new places. It also let u customize your outfit as per your choice.

King of Thieves Mod Apk Download and Install

Apart from all the features of king of thieves apk, if you download the mod version you can access unlimited coins, gems and gold. It will help you in having a better playing experience.

5) Gardenscapes Mod | Top 5 gaming apps

Gardenscapes Mod Apk is a very interesting game that allows you to rejuvenate your own garden under the supervision of the old housekeeper Austin. The game comes up with bright colours, effects and attractive graphics. You can play the game in 3D horizontal mode.
It is easy to play puzzle game, that’s highly engaging. You will just relax and enjoy the game with its interesting features.

Top 5 gaming apps
The latest version of the application Gardenscapes 2.8.6 Apk + mod gives you unique features and improved experience. The gardenscapes mod app lets you have unlimited coins and enjoy the game at fullest.

Gardenscapes Mod Apk Download and Install

Top 5 gaming apps | Final words:

The article gives you complete brief about the Top 5 gaming apps of 2018 and how exciting it can be to play when you have cracked & hacked versions of these games. Mod versions can get you a complete new experience in playing your old favourite game.

Updated: November 3, 2018 — 10:45 pm

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