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CM launcher Pro Apk is a lightweight and powerful application that enable users to keep all the apps organized in a smooth and stylish order. By default, the most used applications will show on the home screen of your mobile phone. You can also arrange apps according to the section.

For those individuals, who desperately want to change the entire look of their modern android phones but does not have any idea how to root, CM launcher pro is just there to help you. A China-based internet company “ Cheetah Mobiles” has developed the application.

CM Launcher Pro Apk

With CM Launcher Pro Apk, you get thousands of 2D/ 3D transition effects including- unfolding transition, folding transition and making each and every section of phone attractive and exciting. Additionally, it includes setting access and touch gestures for the speedy app.

CM Launcher Pro Apk – Features

CM launcher pro Apk is an application that assists to make a customized home screen of Android devices or Android mobile phones.

Here is the quick list of attractive features of CM launcher pro app are as follows-

  • The application removes ads and provides the smooth user experience. It actually saves time infuriating advertisements.
  • CM launcher app has around 10000 of 2D and 3D themes with range for plenty of customisation with the incompatible lock screen themes, menu’s, icons, wallpaper and contact themes as well.
  • With this finest android phone customisation application, you will get 3D themes, 3D widgets as well as live wallpapers. Moreover, you can also find transparent screen theme, 3D fidget spinner, 3D wolf and some other VR themes.

CM Launcher Pro Apk

  • It auto sort the application into folders and keep the most used ones on the home screen.
  • The best thing about the application is it consists of AV-test antivirus engine, hence saves the android devices from privacy leaks, malware threats and also hides the particular application in a special folder.
  • The CM launcher app also assists users to save up to 30 percent of battery just by eliminating the battery-outflow process in the background.
  • It also assists to arrange all the applications smartly into the smart folder and also keeps the menu bar organized and clean. In addition, Wi-Fi boost and tap boost are provided to promote phone’s functioning and smoother experience as well.
  • The CM launcher app provides the advanced 3D animation engine which offers plenty of graphic effects and assists to make the transition operations more interesting and smooth.
  • With this app, users can also watch recent news and updates according to their interests.

The features of the application are quite interesting, it not only assist to make the mobile phone stylish but also protects our phone from malware threats and unwanted viruses.

If you want to enjoy the prime features of this application, download the free version of CM launcher pro app from google play store.

CM Launcher Pro Apk – Download and Install

If you are looking for an application that will assist you in customizing the entire look of your smartphone, CM launcher pro app is all you need. Download the application easily from google play store for free.

Here are some simple and easy steps to download CM launcher apk-

  • Step 1- Firstly, download the CM launcher apk file from the official website.
  • Step 2- search for downloaded CM launcher apk file in files folder and click on the file to install the application.
  • Step 3- wait till the installation process complete.
  • Step 4- Once the CM launcher is installed successfully, you can operate the app in order to style your phone.


CM Launcher Pro Apk Download

CM Launcher Pro Apk Cracked

CM launcher app is basically developed to personalize and redesign the interface of the android phone. It offers lots of themes and wallpapers to make phone stylish. CM launcher is pretty slim, secure, smooth and speedy. It is typically powered by the 3D engine. Download the app and design your phone with amazing themes and wallpapers.

CM Launcher Pro Apk Cracked

CM Launcher Pro Apk  – FAQ

  • Q-1 How to set CM launcher pro app as default one? You only require to long tap any blank position on the home screen in order to access menu list and tap on the CM settings, turn on “set as default launcher option”.
  • Q-2 How can I relocate new applications to new folders?  Firstly, move the particular application out of the folder by pressing and dragging it to an empty space and then come back to home screen and drag the application to any of existed folder you want to.
  • Q-3 How to sort and resort newly installed apps? To actuate the automatic sorting of recently installed applications. All you need is to go through CM launcher settings and turn on “ auto-sort new apps” option. If you want to put all the newly installed applications out of the folder, then turn off “auto-sort new apps” option.
  • Q-4 How to move or uninstall applications? if you want to move an application, long press and pull it to any blank space you like to place it.
  • Q-5 How to boost mobile phone through CM launcher pro app? For boosting your phone, you require to press the booster at the homepage and CM launcher will automatically speed up your android device.
  • Q-6 How to rename folders?  To rename an existing folder, you need to enter the particular folder and then press on the title button or press on the settings button located in the right side of the display and select rename.

CM Launcher Pro Apk  – Final Words

CM launcher pro apk is the most popular and secure launcher for modern android mobile phones. It usually increases the speed by 100 per cent and also boosts the performance of the phone. With CM launcher pro application, you can make your phone stylish by changing themes, icons and wallpapers. No matter what kind of themes and wallpapers you like, you will always find a wide range of 2D, 3D, HD wallpaper and themes. You can easily personalise your own type of theme with provided icons and wallpapers.

Updated: December 2, 2018 — 2:57 pm

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